Take The Duralife 123 Challenge

Still not convinced DURALIFE Lockers significantly outperforms metal lockers?
Take the challenge for yourself!

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Duralife is made out of HDPE, which when compared to metal, offers a quiet alternative. Our testing shows that metal lockers are 3 times louder than Duralife lockers. Imagine a hallway full of students slamming their lockers shut. REALLY LOUD! Now think about that same environment but about a third quieter. It’s not quite library quiet, but you get the idea. Not convinced? Take the challenge and see how we cut down the noise.
Duralife is built to handle the rigors of a school environment. This material is solid HDPE, which means that it can take a whack!

An impact test showed that Duralife lockers had 59 times greater resistance to impact when compared to metal lockers—that’s what you call a solid advantage. Take the challenge yourself and don’t hold back!
Duralife lockers are easy to maintain and virtually worry free with a solid color throughout. Made with a non-porous surface, it resists odors, mold, mildew, and of course, graffiti.

Duralife lockers support the budding artist as graffiti easily wipes off and stickers are easily removed. Take the challenge and see if permanent markers are really permanent. We included one in the box just for you.